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Hurricane Bruker Inaktiv Registrert: Forumstatistikk Totalt registrerte brukere: Hooks Totalt antall emner: Well, she walked in with a bitchy attitude, if I've ever seen one, and the minute she started whining and being a total bitch, I just stopped, looked at her and said to her very seriously, "Listen here, little girl, I don't know if other people accept this behavior of yours but I won't You're in my reality, so cut it out now.

For the rest of the day, she was all over me and wanted to know all about me -- yet I never gave her a straight answer once!!!

Negative hits dating

For all I know, you could be a psycho stalker -- as a matter of fact, I think I've seen your face on America's Most Wanted. She was grabbing my ass on the job and I told her that if she didn't stop I was going to call Sexual Harassment on her see the role reversal here!!

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It was phenomenal, man! I'll let you know how it goes.

And this is all because I could have cared less what she thought of me and was out just to enjoy myself -- I learned this well from your Advanced Series CDs. You must create your reality and live in it, or else you fall victim to someone else's whims. It's powerful stuff, man!

No I am not a "Negative" person....I just live In Reality.

AG, Memphis That's a fun story. As you know, one of my favorite comedy themes is reversing gender stereotypes A NEG Negative or Neg-Hit is a sometimes humorous remark used to display higher value than her by pointing out an attribute in her looks or character that may not meet your qualifications while simultaneously displaying challenge and confidence.

follow link This will help establish your Alpha credentials and increase her attraction for you. By negging a girl you want to seduce, you must avoid falling into the typical Beta compliment trap. An example of a commonly used neg in the seduction community is: First, it brings the woman especially very attractive women, who are used to getting compliments down a notch, and shows that you are not scared or intimidated by her beauty. Second, it creates a bit of a challenge, which typically pushes one attraction trigger in her head, causing her to wonder why you are not enamored with her, which leads to her trying to win your approval.