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The week scan is the first opportunity for your baby to be examined for any abnormalities that could indicate a problem with his development. After your week scan, your next ultrasound probably won't be until you're 20 weeks' pregnant when you have your anomaly scan. This can also be a chance to find out if you're having a boy or girl if you want. Have approx 60 seconds to spare?

What is the purpose of the dating scan?

Why not join thousands of mums-to-be and start your very own Amazon baby wish list! It might be too soon to see on the scan, but take a look at these pregnancy myths that hint at your little one's gender -. Sleeping on your left side Do you keep finding you wake up on your left side? Hairier legs Found yourself reaching for the razor more frequently? It could mean you need to start thinking of some baby boy's names. And more rounded hips? It might mean you need to paint the nursery pink.

Your partner has put on weight during your pregnancy This has to be the strangest of the lot. Your bump looks like a watermelon Is this a compliment? You be the judge. Each pregnancy ultrasound scan is pretty exciting you get to see your baby and slightly scary just what will you see?

At 20 weeks, your baby is the size of a small cantaloupe melon. Everything you need to know about your week scan, the common symptoms to look for and more. Get your calculator and work out your countdown to baby. Trying for a baby? Work out when you're most fertile to increase your chances of getting pregnant with our easy-to-use ovulation calculator.

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Christmas has been and gone but the cold is not going anywhere yet. At this time of the year, who has time for constipation? Planning for a baby can get expensive, so start your Amazon baby wishlist now to keep everything in one place and spread the cost. When is your baby due?

Return of The Bump: 13 weeks pregnant and the dating scan

Is it a boy or a girl? Each issue is jam packed with REAL advice from mums just like you.

Here's what to expect Time for your week scan? Can you only have your week scan at 12 weeks? Will I find out the gender of my baby at 12 weeks? Getting ready for your week scan First things first, keep those nerves in check. Parts that were as old, and as dingy as the hospital where The Preschooler was born. It was starting to feel a little familiar.

And then our consultant breezed back in and introduced herself with a smile and the three of us stood and spoke about this pregnancy. Almost immediately our conversation turned to the birth. Having had three sections, the last one being an elective, it was- quite rightly, I suppose- assumed that baby number four would be an elective too. There are risks involved if I go for a trial of labour.

I am to know that if I do labour, I will be continuously monitored. I will not be left alone at all.

I will be in hospital, surrounded by beeps and machines that will monitor my baby and I and I will be constantly checked to make sure that my scar is intact. There is a monitor that will allow me to use the birthing pool! There is a monitor that will enable me to move around the room, to stand and to walk! We shall know more after the anomaly scan around 20 weeks gestation, as then we will know where the placenta is. In a woman who has had repeat c-sections, there is a greater chance that the placenta is positioned lower down, which makes a vaginal delivery impossible.


12 Week Scan: It's Time For Your Scan, Here's What To Expect | Mother&Baby

If my placenta is in the correct position, I shall be given a green light to go ahead with a trial of labour, should I want to. A c-section can be booked for one week after my due date, should I want it to. I will not be induced. I will be able to try, if I decide that I want to. Until then, it has been decided that my previous babies have all been too small for what they would have liked.

Growth scans have been booked from 28 weeks gestation, although I am not sure they are needed. My babies have all been small; I do not see the problem with that. This week, the poppy seed is the size of a peach. The head is now half the size of the crown to rump length; tiny bones are forming in the arms and legs.

Intestines are starting to move from the umbilical cord to the abdomen and vocal cords are forming. Ready for first words and babbles.

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Hands and arms can move; thumbs can be sucked and waves- as we saw at the scan- can be performed. The sickness and nausea is still ever present but its becoming more manageable with lots of early nights and fresh fruit and veg. And yes, I am still a little rounded. Fantastic news that you may be able to go for the vbac that you want. So glad that they are being supportive of your choices, and it sounds like you are getting great care.

I actually got a bit teary when I read this post. So pleased you are to be supported in which ever decisions you make. Pippa Ainsworth recently posted.. I am feeling more positive this time around, and hoping that the 20 week scan has good news for us. Thank you for your lovely comments x x. Wow that is great to hear that you will be supported if you choose to try for a natural labour.

I will definitely ask about monitors that can go in birthing pools as that could sway my opinion about my birth! I look forward to following your updates!

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I have to wait and see what my 20 week scan says as the position of my placenta is the deciding factor apparently. But yes, hopefully, I will be able to have a trial of labour x.

Will I find out the gender of my baby at 12 weeks?

The first scan is always SUCH a milestone. Everyone thought she was a bit early when looking at her charts but she was just long and skinny — just like her dad! I will know more at the 20 weeks scan when they know where the placenta is but so far its looking good! All of my babies have seemed too small to the professionals, even in labour with Luka they said he was 5 weeks behind but turned out to be 7lb7.

It is my girls they think are too small although they have been the healthy ones!! Looking forward to catching up with your journey now. Georgina BlogBumpClub Georgina recently posted.. Wishlist Wednesday — Luxuries. Wow your consultant is so supportive! We saw ours this week and he was nice and again supportive and made it clear I could change my mind anytime from Vbac to C-section with no fuss, phew! Different equipment at different hospitals I suppose.